THE INARA ~ Fragrance Oil Car Diffuser

THE INARA ~ Fragrance Oil Car Diffuser

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Natural Fragrance Oil + Crystals

The Inara Car Diffuser comes with your pick of aroma. Every single oil is lovingly crafted with 100% natural fragrance oil + juicy organic grapeseed oil to help keep your small space smelling sweetly subtle.

Earthy ~ Leather + Sweet Tobacco
Lush ~ Coconut Cream + Citrus
Sweet ~ Black Raspberry  + Vanilla
Fruity ~ Cucumber + Melon
Fresh ~ White Linen Breeze

The perfect tiny touch for your ride, plus our signature OV charm! And if you wanna jazz it up, you can add one of our additional icon charms to show off your style. 

~ Our accessories collection is about to get a whole lot cuter with our soon-arriving oilly-icon charms! (Yay!). (see images for a sneaky peak) #staytuned

Secure me to your rear-view, I'll hold your scent selection up high! Our Car Diffusers are filled with 100% natural fragrance oil blends + Selenite stone gems. They will fill your car space with subtle scents of vanilla, citrus, earthy, tropical & fruity~ness vibes.

~ Mini Car Diffuser
~ Diffuser Blend 5ml
~ Setup Guide
~ OV freebie sticker

It is only recommended to use your natural fragrance oil in your car diffuser. Please ensure you always keep the cap on to unless when re-filling. This will ensure that your car diffuser fragrance is contained inside & wont damage your surface if contacted.Always be mindful that this liquid is not ingestible or to be used for any other purpose. You can refer to your setup card included more information or use our contact page & send us an email with any other questions.

At, we take pride in packaging and shipping your oilly gifts in a jiffy. Believe us, it's just as important to us as it is to you. Because, seriously, who doesn't enjoy receiving their oilly gifts pronto?

Please be mindful of our packing & shipping times during different periods of the year.


PICKUP ~ You can pick up from our warehouse all day, every day of the working week, no kidding! If you can make it to our OV Warehouse in Vermont Vic 3133, then go ahead and treat yourself to our oilly goodness.

DELIVERY ~ During the new year season we will be using a few different shippers to get your oilly gifts to you asap... here are their standard shipping timeframes. 👇🏽

(Based on shipping from Melbourne)

SHIP Time ~ 7-14 days 👉🏽 Long Haul Deliveries to WA, FNQ, NT & remote Australia.

SHIP BY ~ 5-7 days 👉🏽 Short Haul Deliveries to Interstate Metro or Same state regional (SA, VIC, QLD, NSW)

SHIP BY ~ 3-5 days 👉🏽 Same City Deliveries to & from the Metro Area.

We will try our best to ensure that we can follow these dates provided your order is within these times & we encourage our pick-up option if you need that little bit more time to shop.

Thanks All, Happy Oilly shopping! ✨

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