OV Bracelet Crystals

OV Bracelet Crystals

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Our OV bracelet crystals are hand-made with a blend of AA Grade crystals + wooden beads for an elegant oilly accessory for your next outfit.

Place a few drops of our fav oilly blend on the wooden beads, allow them to soak in & diffuse naturally ~ they'll bring in positive oillyvibes + of course, drop some serious looks.

Mix 'n' match your style with our dazzling selection of diffuser crystals - or pick up some extra bling to boost your bundle! 

Each OV Diffuser bracelets come gift wrapped ready to gift away for your special someone, or just a spesh pressie for you to enjoy. 

Take a few moments to relax, find your favourite Oilly scent. Pause for a moment and set your intention. Place your crystal on the nose of your diffuser. Take a deep breathe in and out…

Daily Affirmation is...
"I am filled with Vibrations of Love, Light & Joy."

~ 1 100% cotton OV Pouch (that is totally re-usable for all your little trinkets)
~ 1 OV diffuser crystal
~ 1 OV Crystal Card

At Oillyvibes.co, we take pride in packaging and shipping your oilly gifts in a jiffy. Believe us, it's just as important to us as it is to you. Because, seriously, who doesn't enjoy receiving their oilly gifts pronto?

Please be mindful of our packing & shipping times during different periods of the year.


PICKUP ~ You can pick up from our warehouse all day, every day of the working week, no kidding! If you can make it to our OV Warehouse in Vermont Vic 3133, then go ahead and treat yourself to our oilly goodness.

DELIVERY ~ During the new year season we will be using a few different shippers to get your oilly gifts to you asap... here are their standard shipping timeframes. 👇🏽

(Based on shipping from Melbourne)

SHIP Time ~ 7-14 days 👉🏽 Long Haul Deliveries to WA, FNQ, NT & remote Australia.

SHIP BY ~ 5-7 days 👉🏽 Short Haul Deliveries to Interstate Metro or Same state regional (SA, VIC, QLD, NSW)

SHIP BY ~ 3-5 days 👉🏽 Same City Deliveries to & from the Metro Area.

We will try our best to ensure that we can follow these dates provided your order is within these times & we encourage our pick-up option if you need that little bit more time to shop.

Thanks All, Happy Oilly shopping! ✨

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